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Trivia QuestionAnswerPart and Chapter
Who wrote Paper Towns?Cover
What is the name of Quentin's neighbor?Prologue
How old were Margo and Q when they found the dead body in the park?Prologue
What type of car does Margo drive?Part 1 Ch. 1
What do Radars parents collect?Part 1 Ch. 1
What is the name of Q's ex?Part 1 Ch. 4
What does part 5 entail leaving for Becca?Part 1 Ch. 4
How many pounds does Chuck Parson weigh?Part 1 Ch. 7
Trivia QuestionAnswerPart and Chapter
What was the title of the Walt Whitman book in which Margo left a clue?Part 2 Ch. 4
What is Radar's screen name?Part 2 Ch. 10
According to the book, where is the world's largest ball of twine?Part 2 Ch. 12
What college is Chuck Parson going to attend in the fall?Part 2 Ch. 15
In what fictitious village is Margo staying?Part 2 Ch. 20
What is Part Three titled as?Part 3 (pg 241)
Who steers the minivan away from the cows in the road?Part 3 Hr. 12

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