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Which character is bisexual?
Who does Toby date in the earlier episodes?
Dylan plays what sport?
Who was the first principal at Degrassi?
Who becomes a rapper?
Toby's half sister is...
Who gets addicted to coke?
Who made Rick shoot Jimmy?
Marco's only long term boyfriend was...
Who runs against Ashley in the class president election?
Who is homophobic?
Which teen mom keeps her baby?
Which character almost gets murdered by her online boyfriend?
Which teen mom give her baby up for adoption?
Ashley's first boyfriend was...
What subject does Mrs. Kwan teach?
Ellie is best friends with...
What is the name of Ellie and Sean's ferret?
Which teen mom gets an abortion?
Who is the only girl to make the football team?
Liberty was rumored to have an affair with which teacher?
What is the name of the school newspaper?
Spinner has problems with which teacher?
Who was bulemic?
What straight friend does Marco kiss when he is trying to make Dylan jealous?
What do both J.T. and Manny aspire to be?
Who gets stabbed?
Who gets raped?
Who gave Emma gonorrhea?
What is Mia's daughter's name?

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