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Who was the killer in the Halloween episode?
What dangerous activity do Eric and Cory participate in when they are fighting for Allen's affection?
Who does Topanga beat out for Valedictorian by one A?
Who is the girl that comes between Topanga and Cory?
Who does Topanga let give the Valedictorian speech in her place?
What is Jennifer Love Hewitt's character name on the show?
What teacher does Shawn live with for a while in the earlier episodes?
What does Topanga find in the closet of the apartment she shares with Cory?
What is Rachel's biggest fear?
What is their college mascot?
What is the name of Cory's high school?
What two people end up dating that makes Eric jealous?
What college does Topanga pass up to be with Cory?
What is Frankie's dad's profession?
Who is the only girl that Shawn really loved?
What is Shawn's dad's name?
Who is the group's mentor?
Finish the quote: 'I love you all...'
What is the name of the restaurant where the group always goes to eat?
What are Cory's parent's names?
What type of animal does Eric marry in the flash forward of Mr. Feeney's retirement party?
What is Cory's older brother's name?
Who is Cory's best friend?
Where do Cory and Topanga move at the end of the series?
Where do Cory and Topanga go on their honeymoon?
Who is Shawn's half brother?
What animal does Cory release in the school for the senior prank?
Where did the crew go to college?
Who does Cory love?
What is Harley Keiner's real name?

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