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A (Siwon's real birthdate w/ year)
B (name of the clothing line that SiHae endorsed in the Philippines)
C (Hecchul look-a-like *an ulzzang)
D (his dad died because of cancer)
E (meaning of donghae's name)
F (Super Junior's reality show)
G (Eunhyuk's birthplace)
H (heechul's cat)
I (Kibum's twitter id)
J (kyuhyun's close friend that he mentioned on one of his thanks to in an album *an EXO member his real name)
K (Prince Manager's real name)
L (Eunhyuk's real name)
M (Donghae's birthplace)
N (Super Junior debut stage date w/ year)
O (leeteuk's enlisment date)
P (leeteuk's sister full name)
R (he was discovered through the CMB Youth ChinChin Festival in 2004)
S (famous hollywood director that siwon take a pic together last oct. 28)
T (Sungmin's TV drama last 2010)
U (Kyuhyun's debut single w/ Super Junior)
V (Super Junior's song for the national team in Fifa World Cup last 2010)
W (Attack On The Pin-Up Boys OST)
X (Heechul and Kangin's musical)
Y (composer and the one who originally sung from u)
Z (one of the two chinese members)

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