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Can you name the characters and facts of the Homeward Bound movie?

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wise, old Golden Retriever
rambunctious American Bulldog
rightly named Himalayian cat
Golden's owner; plays basketball
American Bulldog's owner; likes frogs
Himalyan's owner; feeds her cat shrimp
Chance flips Sassy into the sandbox by jumping on a ________
nickname Chance gives the turkey
animal that supposedly eats dogs' and cats' tails
'Good morning, _______!'
where the Burnfords temporairly move to
rancher that watches the pets
falls in a muddy pit by the railroad tracks
what Chance vomits
Sassy falls over a ___________
Chance gets injured by a ___________
what Sassy calls the pound worker
lost girl's name
what Jaime drops during his recital
background music during the pound chase

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