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I would have a show like
I would be the
Every day
Give Travie a
I'd probably pull a Angelina and
And adopt a bunch of
That ain't never had
Give away a few
Like, here lady
And last but not
Grant somebody their last
It's been a couple months that I've been
So you can call me
Minus the
I'd probably visit where
hit and damn sure do a lot more than
did yeah can't forget about me
Everywhere I go imma have my own
Oh every time I close my
I see my name in shining
A different
every night, oh I swear the
better prepare for when I'm a
I be playing basketball with the
dunkin' on his
then i compliment him on his
toss a couple
in the air just for the
but keep the
, and
completely separate, I be in a whole new
we in
but let me take a
at it. I probably take whatever's left and just
so everybody that i
can have a couple
and not a single
around me would know what
was, eating good sleeping
i know we all have a similar
go in your pocket, pull out your
put it in the air and

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