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Still Showing Reruns/A rumored Marine sniper/ Land of Make-Believe
Maurice Sendak's Book/Hen, Duck, Cat, and Owl are friends/Only 'little' one
She speaks Manderin/Panda loving Koala/Super happy heart
Super smart kids show/Classical art and music/Pat, pat,pat,pat.pat
Princess Pea can spell/Little Red Riding Hood rhymes/Super letters?Where?
Some Spanish spoken/Anthropromorphized tools talk/'We can fix it right!'
New take on old show/Pete's not such a bad guy/Let's do a roll call
Baby Jaguar's friend/ Cousin of an explorer/Learn some Spanish words
Two little bunnies/Sister does all the work/Where are Mom and Dad?
Been on 40 years/ Sunny days chase clouds away/C is for cookie
Two traveling pigs/They live in Pocket Hollow/Know more to grow more
Based on book series/Buster has a spin-off show/Sister is a pest
Bear,Sheep,Pig, and Frog/Change letters and change world/Everythign is spelled out
Nin~a and Mono/ Teach kids to use Spanish words/Very bad parents
Read between the lines/Animals in library/Knights create new words
This could be shocking/Shadow lips speak syllables/ Who yelled 'Hey You Guys!'
Lots of children play/With pre-historic creature/ He loves everyone
New Jim Henson show/ Teaches kids science concepts/Strangely puppetless
Time traveling train/Jim Henson but no puppets/Adoped T-rex
Yellow dog can talk/Eats alphabet soup daily/Learning synonyms

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