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60 yr old diabetic woman recovering from stroke. Stiffness and pain in shoulder. Gradual onset 1 yr ago. Progressively got worse. night pain, pain lying on arm. Pain at end of ROM
50 yr old dart player. Sharp Pain in brachial region of shoulder reaching overhead and behind back. Gradual onset. Pain in point of shoulder at end of abduction in PROM
Aching in wrist travels through forearm and hand. Tendency to drop things. Weakness in hand. Pain radiates up arm and into shoulder. Tingling, constant numbness in first 3 digits.
25 yr old female badminton player. Pain 4-5 inches down arm. Occasional loss of AROM. Tenderness in upper 3rd of arm. Acute burning pain. Restricted PROM.warm and tender to palpate
40 yr old male painter. Weakness in hands and wrist. Numbness and tingling radiate to fingers. Stiffness in the elbow when clenching fist. Inside of elbow is tender to palpate
Patient is 23 year old medical student. Thickness and swelling on back of elbow. Very little or no pain. X-ray shows no fracture.
Patient is a 35 yr old author. Swollen hand. Reddening along the tendon of the thumb. Pain in thumb with movement. Pain shoots up the arm. Loss of grip
30 yr old powerlifter. Pain midway thru shoulder abduction. Pain in tip of shoulder, extends down outside of humerus. Pain increases raising or rotating shoulder. Shoulder clicks
35 yr old pregnant woman, works at a computer. Noticed weakend grip and right hand can turn blue. weak pulse in right hand, cold hands and fingers. Throbbing lumb near collarbone.

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