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I'm not superstitious, but I am__ __ ____.Michael
Oompa loompa doompity_________.Andy
Dwight may have one the battle, but I will ___ ___ ___ ___Andy
Andy Bernard does not lose contests, he wins them. Or he quits them ___ __ ___ ___Andy
Applicant has a head shaped like a _____.Andy
I think if I was allergic to dairy ___ ___ ____.Michael
Angela, where's Angela? Oh sorry Angela, I couldn't see you behind that ____ ____ ____.Michael
North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe, ____ ____ ___ ____.Dwight
My name is William M. _________ and I'd like to buy 1,000,000 dollars worth of paper.Jim
(The keywords should be) Michael, boss, and _____.Michael
I burned my foot, very badly, on my _____ _____.Michael
You may remember testing my urine. Mine was ____.Dwight
If you don't like it, Stanley, you can go to ____ ____ ____ ____ ____.Michael
I'm very fast. I'm like Forrest Gump except ____ ___ ___ ____.Michael
Myth: Three Americans die every year from rabies. Fact: _____ ____ ____ _____ _____....Michael
Jim, please inform Andy that he is being______.Dwight
I'm not a security threat. And my middle name is Kurt, not ____Dwight
And up comes the toolbar, ____ ____ ____ ____Michael
Estimated time 12 minutes so this'll take about ____ ___ ___ _____.Michael
OK who wrote this hilarious one (disease)?Dwight
Did you get your tickets? To the ___ ____Dwight
Have you ever seen a ____ _____?!?!Dwight
Phyllis: 'Are you a monk?' Dwight: I'm a ____ ____!Dwight
Is it me, or does this place smell like ___ ____Michael, Jim
Michael: 'Oh really? What's your dentist's name?' Dwight: '_____.'Dwight
Mmm no. Better make it two thirds. Easier to stop in case it ____ ___ ___Dwight
Break me off a piece of that ____ ____. Its a cat food. Nailed it.Andy
I don't care what Jim says. That is not Ben Franklin. I am ____ ____ ____.Dwight
You know what's even better than a triceratops? Only ____ ____ _____ ____ ____ ______.Dwight
The eyes are the ____ of the head.Dwight
Sasquatches are the _____ _____ ____ ____ _____Dwight
When I came in here, you said I was conducting this interview, now exactly ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ _____?Jim
Josh: 'What gun are you gonna use?' Jim: 'I dont know, ____ ____?'Jim
Bears eat beets. Bears, beets, ____ ____.'Jim
So time from time I send Dwight faxes. From himself. From ____ ____.Jim
I'm gonna miss you, man. You're like a kind, old ____ ____.Andy
We trade on the ____ _____ ____ ______. Ever heard of it? Its in New York.Andy
God, I messed up that sale. I ______ it.Andy
I am now chopping off Phyllis's head _____ ____ ______!Andy
Michael: 'Clean out your desk.' Tony: 'There's nothing in my desk but coupons.' Michael: 'Don't try to ____ ____ ____ ____!'Michael
I know me, I wouldn't be able to apologize to him (Tony). ____ ____.Michael
If it was an iPod, it would be a ______.Pam
If ____ _____ ever wins an Oscar, I will be a rich man.Kevin
What are we talking here? Skins? Acey deucey? Bingo _____ _____?Kevin
Close your eyes. Imagine a convict... says something ordinary like, 'Yo ____ _____.'Michael
Dwight, you ignorant _____.Michael
Hey Oscar, how was your ________Kevin
Did I _____?Stanley
Wanted: Black man... big butt, bigger _____.Michael
I was in an ____ ____ when I was a teenager.Creed
Sometimes a guy's gotta ride the bull, am I right? ____ _____.Creed
Bankruptcy, Michael, is nature's ______.Creed
I declare ________!Michael
The worst part of prison was ___ ____.Michael

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