Game of Thrones: Character True Names

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Can you name the Game of Thrones: Character's 'True Names' from their nicknames.

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Cat of the Canals
Little Grandfather
Aerys III
Old Bear
Lady Stoneheart
Mother of Dragons
The Greatjon
Sword of the Morning
The She Wolf
The Fat Flower
The Mad King
The Leech Lord
The Lightning Lord
The King in Highgarden
Young Wolf
The Kraken King
The Iron Captain
The Wolf Pup
Boros the Belly
The Soiled Knight
the Winged Wolf
Demon of the Trident
Lord Snow
The Onion Knight
The Beggar King
The Little Rose
Knight of Flowers
The Quiet Wolf
Little Bird
The Bull
Ser Grandfather
The Mountain (That rides)
Light of the West
Crow's Eye
Theon Turncoat
The Red Viper
The Red Wizard
Great Rider
Queen of Thorns
The Lord of Ham
The Spider
The Imp
The Great Lion of the Rock
Red Helm
The King in the Narrow Sea
The Red Priestess
Husband to Bears
The Hound
The Lord of Cheese
The Kingslayer
King Beyond the Wall

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