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Debating playwright; more traditional champion of classical, idolized, heroic characters; wins debate
Athenian supporter of deliberation in the Mytilenean Debate
Servant of Greek god of drama; proves to be more intelligent and wit
Virgin goddess of wisdom; acknowledges role of daughters of night
Author of The Eumenides
Suitor who tries to bargain for their lives
Flamboyant and ambitious Athenian statesman and general; fights for Sparta when betrayed by Athens
Daughters of night; support familial bond
Debating playwright; avant-garde champion of the common man; loses debate
Main suitor; plotted to kill polytrophic hero's son
Biblical debator and friend of Job
Polytrophic hero of famous Greek epic poem
Swineherd loyal to polytrophic hero
Biblical debator; repeated what the three other friend/debators said; existence questioned
Biblical debator and friend of Job
The 'First Athenian,' great orator, dies from plague
Greek god of drama; seeks a good playwright to save Athens; Moderator of Dramatic Debate
Author of The Frogs
Action-oriented, anti-discussion Athenian general
Avenger of Agamemnon; pursued by the daughters of night
Wife of polytrophic hero; paragon of females
Phaecian king, gives polytrophic hero passage back home
Non-human character; challenger of Job
Nymph on the isle of Ogygia
Half-brother of Greek god of drama; loves pea soup
Author of The History of the Peloponnesian War
Agamemnon's wife. cheats on him with Aegisthus
Daughter sacrificed by Agamemnon
Doorkeeper of Hades; whips god of drama and servant
Biblical debator and friend of Job
Greek god of the Underworld; host of the Dramatic Debate
Polytrophic hero's son; comes of age throughout poem
Athenian opponent of Sicilian Expedition; Athens loses when he becomes general
Faithful follower tested by God; questions why he suffers
Author of The Odyssey
Greek god of reason and logic; supports marital bond

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