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BuildingArchitectYear (Building)
Pazzi Chapel at Santa Croce
Propylaea at Athens
Theatre at Epidauros
Tempietto at San Pietro
The Laurentian Library Vestibule
Temple of Apollo Bassae
The Abbey Church of St. Denis
San Giorgio Maggiora
Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
The Parthenon (Temple of Athena Parthenos)
Hagia Sophia
BuildingArchitectYear (Building)
Charlemagne's Palatine Chapel
San Francesco (The Malatesta Temple)
Villa Rotonda (Villa Capra)
San Andrea
Loggia at Palazzo della Ragione
Foundling Hospital
Piazza del Campidoglio
Funerary Complex of King Zoser
Dome of the Florence Cathedral
Façade of the Palazzo Ruccelai
Façade of Stanta Maria Novella

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