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Can you name the National Park Sites Based on Their Abbreviations?

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AbbreviationNational Park SiteNational Park Site Type
ACADNational Park
ANTINational Battlefield
BIBENational Park
COLONational Historical Park
DENANational Park
DEVANational Park
EVERNational Park
FOSTNational Monument
GLACNational Park
GRCANational Park
HAFENational Historical Park
INDENational Historical Park
KEMONational Battlefield Park
LAMENational Recreation Area
LIBINational Monument
AbbreviationNational Park SiteNational Park Site Type
MACANational Park
MEVENational Park
MORUNational Memorial
NATCNational Historical Park
OLYMNational Park
PETENational Battlefield
ROMONational Park
SAMANational Historic Site
SHENNational Park
TUAINational Historic Site
VAFONational Historical Park
WHISNational Recreation Area
YELLNational Park
YOSENational Park
ZIONNational Park

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