Characters - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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Can you name the characters from 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' from their description?

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Henrik's only living brother, an antisemitist and former Nazi
Current CEO of the Vanger Corporation
CEO of Milton Secutity
Prominent financial journalist and publisher of Millenium Magazine
Harald's son, Hedeby's resident pompous polititian
Graphic designer and third partner of Millenium Magazine
Managing editor of Millenium Magazine, of dubious loyalty
Harald's first daughter and Blomkvist's part-time lover
Lawyer to the Vanger family
Lawyer and guardian to Lisbeth Salander; secretly a sadist
The dramatic and imposing mother of Harriet and Martin
Corrupt billionaire and industrial giant, at war with Millenium Magazine
Harriet and Martin's father; committed suicide in 1965
Previous guardian and father figure to Lisbeth Salander
Patriarch of the Vanger Corporation and Vanger family
Computer prodigy and personal investigator for Milton Security
Young girl who went missing 36 years ago
Editor in Chief of Millenium Magazine, Blomkvist's part-time lover

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