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DescriptorCharacterEstimated Worth
Immortal vampire and small-town doctor has quietly amassed a fortune over three centuries. $34.5 Billion
The quacking Croesus saw net worth increase due to record-high price of gold$33.5 Billion
'The richest kid in the world'$11.5 Billion
Billionaire arms manufacturer experiences turbulent year after confessing he is the armored super hero known as. . .$8.8 Billion
Price of crude oil nearly doubles in past year, and value of this TV father's 'Texas Tea' soars$7.2 Billion
Born into wealth, industrialist known as 'the smartest man on the planet' inherited sizable fortune at age 17, gave away entirely to charity. Remade himself as costumed crime fight$7.0 Billion
Gossip columnists having field day implying bachelor billionaire hangs around all day in 'man cave,' dons flamboyant S&M-themed costumes at night $6.5 Billion
Mythological sprite recently gifted multibillion-dollar grant from Santa Claus$3.9 Billion
DescriptorCharacterEstimated Worth
Reclusive billionaire lives on remote Pacific island, forces genius inventor known as 'The Professor' to create green technology$2.1 Billion
Britain's railroading billionaire boasts the world's largest collection of vintage steam engines$2.0 Billion
A child prodigy with the highest-tested IQ in Europe, his known aliases include 'Emmesey Squire' and 'Dr. C. Niall DeMencha.'$1.9 Billion
Owner and operator of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant recently arrested by police for possession of stolen artwork$1.3 Billion
Willing to go to great lengths for press: launched illegal hotel speakeasy to much fanfare; kissed man in ploy to make rival jealous; dates New York society fixture Blair Waldorf. $1.1 Billion
Mysterious Long Island billionaire famed for wild all-weekend parties, clothing collection that would put Imelda Marcos to shame . . .darker rumors of organized crime connections. $1.0 Billion
Her husband and former CEO served time for crimes including fraud, malfeasance and illegally building homes for then-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein$950 Million

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