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Line from back coverBook Title Book Number Range
The good news is the jewel is in Lord Sparr's secret palace1-9
To defend himself, he needs the powerful wand of Urik, a magic tool that's been hidden for years10-19
Even if it means taking a journey through time, across the sands of Droon's dark dangerous pastSpecial Edition
Your Wizardbook is your story of how you become a droomar wizardSpecial Edition
Salamandra has cast Eric, Neal, and Keeah through her powerful Portel of AgesSpecial Edition
Fortunately, as a genie, Neal knows a few tricks that can helpSpecial Edition
Sparr has found all of his three powers, and that adds up to big trouble Droon20-29
Can the kids beat the beasts and flatten the forge in time?20-29
Dark magic sings in my veinsSpecial Edition
An earthquake has brought a piece of the past back to life10-19
Hidden deep under Zorfendorf is one of the most baffling secrets in all of Droon20-29
Way up north in the ice caves of Droon lives a nasty snowybeast20-29
Even though it's summertime back home, the gang's new adventure get them all snowy in the Ice Hill's of Droon10-19
And with magic on the loose, nothing in our world will ever be the sameSpecial Edition
A band of thieves, the Rat-faced Snithchers of Zoop, has stolen of mysterious treasure that the lumpies vowed to protect30-36
He's turned into a bug again1-9
The ship is in pieces scattered all over Droon10-19
Now the young wizard lies in coma, trapped in a dream-state halfway between fantasy and reality30-36
Julie made a big mistake when she brought a bracelet home from Droon1-9
Yet Salamandra says she wants to help the kids30-36
The sea witch Demither is stirring up a storm in Droon10-19
And if they get trapped in Parthnoop, too, there's no telling what could happen back in Droon20-29
Line from back coverBook Title Book Number Range
He's woken up a mean old giant that will now obey his every command1-9
And millions of beasts are assembling outside Jaffa city, ready to attack Droon's capitalSpecial Edition
And Every step north brings them closer to fulfilling a terrifying prophecy that could change the future of Droon forever30-36
And if they don't get out soon, the kid's will turn into ghosts themselves1-9
Eric, Julie and Neal have just found something magic in Eric's basement1-9
But first they'll need help from their worst enemy- Lord Sparr20-29
There is just one stone the pirates can't steal for only Keeah knows its location20-29
Talking frogs, flying kids, a Ninn parade down Mainstreet, there's Droon magic all over our world. 10-19
Keeah, Julie and Neal are determined to save Eric from the enchantment that's transformed him into Gethwing's number-one goon30-36
Now Eric, Julie, Neal and Keeah must pursue Shadowface through the treacherous Dark Lands30-36
So Eric, Neal, and Julie have to make sure the mask doesn't fall into the wrong hands10-19
It seems like all Droon is competing in the Quest10-19
The friend's won't rest until they track down the thief, but finding him could be a nightmare10-19
And the city of Ut is magically stuck inside a small bottle20-29
The furry spider troll has been mysteriously captured and no one knows where he is 10-19
For Jabar-Loo is a place of ancient, unfathomable magic, where even the closest friend can be mistaken for a deadly enemy30-36
The young wizard has joined forces with the villainous Moon Dragon, Gethwing, to seek out a magical artifact that will give them untold power Special Edition
Even Galen the wizard if frozen solid1-9
Somebody has robbed the Lumpies' village1-9
To make matters, the evil dragon has kidnapped most of the townspeople, including the kid's parents20-29
They are shipwrecked in the middle of a magical ocean storm.1-9
Magic won't work against the powerful wand, so the kid's must use their wits30-36

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