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Unique Facts about KS citiesCity
home of KS State Fair, home of KS Cosmosphere & Space Center, Underground Vaults & Storage
'Air Capital', Intrust Bank Arena, Pizza Hut, Koch Industries & White Castle all founded here
'The Heart of America', Kansas Speedway
'Gunsmoke' was set in this town, birthplace of Dennis Hopper
Oak Park Mall, Applebees Headquarters
home of Sand Creek Station Golf Course, comic book artist Reed Crandall grew up here
depicted in Truman Capote's 'In Cold Blood', home of Lee Richardson Zoo, Buffalo Game Reserve
birthplace of William Allen White, site of the first Veterans Day observance, birthplace of R Lee Ermey
Cheyenne Bottoms, home of Fuller Brush Company
Capital of KS, Brown v Board of Education,
Kansas State University, 'The Little Apple', home of Aggieville
Unique Facts about KS citiesCity
Third Watch star Jason Wiles lived here, satellite city of KC
branch of KSU located here, Kansas Wesleyan University, Brown Mackie College, Brent Venables from here
suburb of Wichita, home of Rock River Rapids, Darryl Starbird lived here
home to federal prison, birthplace of Melissa Etheridge
home of KS Rep Jerry Moran, childhood home of Philip Anschutz
Kansas University, primarily Democratic city, Robert J Dole Institute of Politics
home of annual Pancake Day, home of Kasey Hayes PBR bull rider
suburb of KC, MidAmerica Nazarene University, KS School for the Deaf
located near Fort Riley
named in honor of a city in Pennsylvania, birthplace of Dennis Rader BTK,

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