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Alternate NameActual Name
Doggone Patriots
Whopping Stream
Unmarried Vietnam
Nine 2 Five
The Bouldered Scary Act
The Sleepwear Sport
The Greatest Dinky Bordello in Bush's Home
Not Actin' Up
The Conjurer
Small Botique of Terrors
Covenants, Covenants
46th State!
The Melodic Guy
Some Evening Sounds
Ah, Gotcha!
Alternate NameActual Name
God's Son, VIP
Antoinette Grab Your Firearm
Budding Activation
My Good-looking Gal
Cougar Ruler
The Magnate and Me
Farewell Farewell Fowl
Close to Common
name of play
Violinist on the Ceiling
Chantin' in the Precipitation
Jacob's Preferred Offspring and the Fantastic Multi-Colored Outergarment
Stunner and the Barbarian
Blokes and Dames
Whatever's Alright
Chiroptera Lad

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