20 Most Common Logical Fallacies

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ExampleLogical Fallacy
'If we landed on the moon, where are the pictures of the landing sites?' (When shown the pictures): 'Those are photoshopped.'
'If one person recycles it makes no real difference. If two people recycle it makes no real difference. Therefore, if everyone recycles, it makes no difference.'
'The furnace stopped working after you moved in, so you must have caused the furnace to stop working.'
'Modern science isn't able to fully explain how gravity really works; therefore, it must be that way because of God.'
'ESP has never been demonstrated in the presence of skeptics because it doesn’t work in the presence of skeptics.'
'The bible is the word of God because the bible tells us so, and God's word is infallible. So the bible is infallible, and therefore the word of God.'
'If we allow gay marriage, it will lead to people marrying animals.'
'If fat is bad for the body, we should avoid all foods with any fat, regardless of any other nutritional value they may have.'
'Prescription drugs should be regulated, but vitamins, medicinal herbs and homeopathic cures should not.'
'If evolution is impossible, there must be a god.'
ExampleLogical Fallacy
'The idea that we evolved from a single-celled organism is unbelievable, so it can't be true.'
'Many leading scientists say climate change is a myth.'
'Since you smoke, you can't say smoking is bad.'
'If God didn’t exist, life would be meaningless.'
'People that get ill are unhappy, so unhappiness causes illness.'
'UFOs can't be real because people that believe in UFOs are crazy.'
'If you don't support the war, you hate America.'
'We don't know what that light in the sky is. It must be an alien spaceship.'
'My opponent says he supports a woman's right to choose. My opponent clearly hates babies.'
'Socrates is mortal because he's human.'

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