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HaikuTitleRelease Year (NES, North America)
Leporine captain/Must rescue his loyal crew/Let's croak us some toads1992
Brothers back a third time/With whistles, leaves and suits' help/Bad guy has kids now1990
Destroy viruses/Line up like-colored capsules/He went to med school?1990
Kuros hunts Malkil/Through forest, cave and castle/Jumping's a nightmare1987
Dude! Total carnage!/Isn't this The Running Man?/(But without Arnold)1990
Play as tank and kid/Repel mutants with missles/Let the frog go, man!1988
Play as Lance or Bill/Eliminate Red Falcon/We all know the code1988
Four green heroes fight/Through New York City sewers/Health down? Eat Pizza!1989
Belmont the whipman/Hunts bloodsucker's body parts/It's harder at night1988
Save with a password/Rolling up on Space Pirates/Hero's a lady!1986
Little Mac's story/Don't forget to use Quick Dodge/Which move chews ears off?1987
Cyborg must defeat/Wily's eight Robot Masters/Awesome new theme song1989
HaikuTitleRelease Year (NES, North America)
Two little dragons/Imprison their enemies/They sure do love fruit1988
Billy and Jimmy/Avenge Marian's murder/With punches and kicks1989
Egger snatched Lala/So her round blue love must solve/Fifty puzzle rooms1989
Up to four players/Compete, but without sweating/Wii sports is better1983
Spiky yellow boy/Thwarts ETs plans to rule Earth/Why'd they want balloons?1991
Orin and Cutrus/Seek jewels within eight castles/One handsome falcon1990
Serpentine hero/Sneaks through fortress in boxes/Smoking's good for you?1988
Four Light Warriors/Defeat Chaos with Dark Orbs/First of fourteen (now)1990
Pretty barbaric/The dog retrieves your victims/Came with the system1984
Young boy saves Impa/Seeks out magic artifact/Split into three parts1987
Huge fighting monsters/Create widespread destruction/Wait - they're just people?1986
The news must get through/Come cats, drunks or tornadoes/Stay out of the road1984

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