Presidential Trivia (Weird Edition)

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Can you name the strange facts about specific US Presidents?

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Raised sheep for their wool on the White House lawn
Personally answered incoming phone calls to the White House
Avid collector of Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comic books
Had a custom-built bathtub installed in the White House
Prior to his presidency, worked as a fashion model and a park ranger at Yellowstone
Was the first president to attend a baseball game
Had the biggest feet of any US president (size 14)
Was the first president to travel on an airplane during his administration
Wrote his own epitaph, completely omitting any mention of his presidency
Got lost in the woods on the way to the White House
Awoke before dawn to practice the piano for two hours every morning
Donated his entire presidential salary to charity
Was once forced to sleep in the hallway of the White House during a visit by the Prince of Wales
An accomplished speed reader, he was reportedly able to read 2,000 words per minute
Refused to answer the telephone while president
The smallest US president, he stood just 5'4' and weighed a meager 100 pounds
Customarily swam nude in the Potomac River every morning
At 42, he was the youngest man to assume the office of President
Gave the longest inaugural address in US history - an interminable two hours - during a winter storm
Helped fight a fire at the Library of Congress that destroyed over 35,000 books

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