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DescriptionNameAssociated Figures
The world-ocean, gave birth to the sea- and river nymphsPoseidon
Wife of the ocean, also a sea goddessTiamat (Babylonian); Thalassa
Known as the lord of light, father of sun, moon, and dawn-
Wife of the lord of light, name simply means 'goddess'-
Embodiment of the celesitial axis around which the heavens revolvePolus (Roman)
Titaness associated with the moon; also one of the Halliwells in Charmed-
Overthrew Uranus (the Titans' father) and ruled in his place; eventually deposed by his sons, the OlympiansKumarbi (Hittite), Chronos (eventually)
Queen of the Titans and mother of the OlympiansOps (Roman), Cybele
Personification of memory and mother of the MusesLethe
Personification of divine lawAdrasteia, Nemesis
Least individualized of the TitansAries (Zodiac sign)
Ancestor of mankind, god of mortal lifeJapheth (Jewish tradition)
Goddess of the dawn; mother of the winds, planets, and starsAurora (Roman)
DescriptionNameAssociated Figures
Sun god (before Apollo)Sol (Roman), Apollo
Moon goddess (before Artemis)Luna (Roman), Diana
He holds the earth-
Creator of mankind, punished for giving them fireKhnum (Egyptian)
Titan who married Pandora-
Killed by Zeus with a lightning bolt; little else is known-
Mother of Apollo and ArtemisLatona (Roman)
Goddess of prophecy and astrology; mother of Hecate-
God of dusk; father of the winds, planets, and starsAeolus
Father of Force, Strength, Victory, and Zeal; killed by Athena, who is now associated with his hameAthena
God of destruction and father of Hecate-
A goddess of wisdom; mother of AthenaPoros

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