Primordial Gods

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Can you name the primordial deities in Greek mythology?

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Darkness (male)Eventually seen as part of the underworld
Sea (female)Also a moon of Neptune
Appearance or Procreation (male)Names mean 'bring to light' and 'first-born,' respectively
Mountains (group, male)Rarely personified individually
The fates (group, female)Contrary to the movie 'Hercules,' they didn't share an eye
Compulsion (female)Often referred to as the Mother Goddess
Time (male)Name means 'year' in modern greek
Nature (female)Name is the stem of adjectives referring to the natural or corporeal
Ocean (male)Shouldn't be too hard to guess
Fresh Water (female)Grandmother of Achilles
Light or air (male)Don't fall asleep
Creation (female)A main idea, or a really long paper
Day (female)Gardeners might know this as part of the botanical name for daylilies
Islands (group, female)Usually personified individually
Heaven (male)Planetary
The Pit of Hell (male)The worst part of the underworld
Earth (female)Captain Planet, anyone?
Water in general (male)Another that shouldn't be too difficult
The void (genderless)Theoretically speaking
Night (female)Mother of Sleep and Death

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