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Church built over the place where Jesus of Nazareth is believed to have been bornBethlehem, Israel
An unfinished church designed by AntonĂ­ Gaudi, notable for its distinctively bizarre decorationBarcelona, Spain
The older of Dublin's two medieval cathedralsDublin, Ireland
An iconic church atop Montmartre, its stone bleaches when exposed to oxygen, maintaining its white colorParis, France
Perhaps the most famous Gothic Church, itself most famous for its hunchbackParis, France
Coronation church of the French kings, starting with the early Merovingian royalsChampagne-Ardenne, northeast of Paris, France
Distinctive for its round end, this church is also famous for its Templar effigiesLondon, United Kingdom
The oldest church in Germany, originally built in the 4th centuryNear the French border, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
First the Cathedral of Constantinople, then a mosque, now a museumIstanbul, Turkey
Famous for its fine example of Eastern Orthodox architecture, specifically the onion domesMoscow, Russia
A large baroque church designed by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great FireLondon, United Kingdom
Built by Saint Louis to house the Crown of Thorns, it is one of the finest examples of medieval stained glass remainingParis, France
The seat of the Pope as Bishop of RomeRome, Italy
Church built over what is venerated as the sites of Christ's crucifixion and burialJerusalem, Israel
Part of a larger complex that once housed a hospital, this building now houses Napoleon Bonaparte's tombParis, France
The seat of the English Church, its Archbishop is the Anglican equivalent to the PopeKent, England, United Kingdom
The main church of the VaticanVatican City
The first church built in the Gothic style, it was the burial place for most of the Kings of FranceNorth of Paris, France
Famously ruined church where the kings of Scotland were once crownedEdinburgh, United Kingdom
The ceremonial church of the Kings and Queens of EnglandLondon, United Kingdom

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