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When SpongeBob didn't leave his house, who were his 3 friends?
What two colors does SpongeBob's underwear have to be in order to be a fry cook?
What do SpongeBob and Patrick get from the Flying Dutchman after they found his treasure?
What did the invisible spray stain?
Who had nerves of steel?
What is the opposite of mini, according to Patrick?
What is the name of Pearl's favorite boy band?
What was SpongeBob's pet worms name?
What was the name of the gang in New Kelp City?
What were SpongeBob and Patrick doing when they were on the 'moon'?
When Sandy and SpongeBob were racing to the Krusty Krab, what did SpongeBob run into?
When SpongeBob was Krabby The Clown's sidekick, what was his name?
What attracts a Sea Rhinoceros?
What does P.O.O.P stand for?
Who is SpongeBob's favorite viking?

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