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QuoteWhat the blank isWho said the quote
Boy I've always wanted to come in here, and now that i got a ______ the timing feels right.Peter
I work at a deli, and i know ______, and thats exactly what you'll get with Mayor Adam West.Cleveland
Aww, i love you too ______Jesus said it to Meg
You know, im not meaning to be rude, but do u have a more comfortable ______?Lauren Conrad
Look at this place, it's a ______ run by dogs.Brian
I'm all out of juice over here, ______ dry.Stewie
And then she wanted to make him ______ AHHHHH!!Quagmire
I don't know Butt, I don't think they can say my catch phrase because they no ______.Weenie
It's a message Joe, I don't want you and you're ______ eating here anymore.Peter
Yay! I haven't been in my closet in ______!Chris
I caught ya a bullfrog outside, poked some holes in its ______ so it can breath.Peter
Alright Mr. Griffin, i'm just going to need you to drop your pants and we'll check your ______.Dr. Hartman

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