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What is another name for mode 2 stone tools?
choppers, cores and flakes were part of which mode of stone tools
What was needed to support digestion of large amounts of raw food?
what type of stone tools existed no earlier then 2.6 mya
What is common between all australopithicenes?
When is the first evidence of brain expansion?
Where did Eugene Dubois first discover Homo erectus?
What gave better manual dexterity to homo erectus?
flake tools are from which mode?
choppers and chopping tools were from which mode?
ice age time period
1/2mya what method of subsistence was present?
1.4mya tool type
Lucy is what kind of skeleton find?
Were early bipeds completely out of the trees?
What was the last species to have a conical thorax?
What hominid is at the end of the line of archaic homo sapiens?
P. robustus is from which part of Africa?
What kind of find is the 'black skull'
A. afarensis has which other name?
erectus and ergaster diverged from what line?
choppers and chopping tools were uni or bifacial?
Name a variation of paranthropus
Homo ergaster is a small brained version of what
efficient for finding food and water, provides less exposure to solar radiation
What is not common between all austrolopithicenes
H. antecessor, H. erectus, heildelbergensis and archaic homo sapiens are all
brain expansion, African, long fingers and toes for tree climbing, first with stone tool ability, tree dweller
Variation of australopithicus discoverd by Raymond Dart
Variation of australopithecus discovered by Donald Johanson
Who used mode 1 tools?
scrapers, burins, knives, bifacial
bifacial, tear drop shaped, more formal
What is P. boisei similar to?
Which australopithicene is found exclusively in Europe?
were mode 1 tools unifacial or bifacial?
using sensitive evolutionary animal histories to date sites
what showed transition homo erectus to tool makers
Name a diferent varitation of paranthropus
Where was the Mauer Heidelberg find?
Which part of paranthropus was more developed than australopithicenes?
why can mammalian biostratigraphy be effectective
What name did Leaky first give P. boisei?
What invention marks mode 2 tools?
Found on homo erectus, what is the bony ridge on top of the skull
How many species does paranthropus have?
Who first discovered Homo erectus?
wind blown silt previously pulverized by glaciers, preserves sites well
What were most of the Leakey's finds?
Which australopithecene only has mandable minds dated 73mys
Homo antecessor, heidelbergensis and neandethal are all examples of what
What is the earliest member of genus homo?
one sided tools
What genus did Eugene Dubois first assign to Homo erectus?
A. bahrekghazeli was found in what country?
two sided tools
Which australopithicene has limb proportions most like modern humans?
Where is the Leakey's dig?
current time period
Habilis and paranthropus diverged from what?
What early hominid is from West Europe?
What bone find does not fit in any other category?
unlivable, environmental changes in ice age, ice a mile thick, expanding polar ice cap
what is special about homo ergaster?
What is another name for mode 1 tools
Which genus was speech a given because of a larnyx similar to mdern day?
What is the earliest complete biped?
Which line of australopithicene leads to homo habilis?
What genus was an evolutionary dead end?
What was the first in the line of hominids?
Name a different variation of paranthropus
Who made the first stone tools?
was speech possible for homo habilis?
time between ice age
What is the Mauer Heilelberg find?
What were hominids before hunters?
digging, splitting, heavy use
What was Raymond Dart's profession?
Where were the Neanderthals?

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