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Free from concern; nonchalant
Spirited determination
To deprive of vital parts
Worth honoring (adj.)
Decline; Downward slope
Moving slowly; Listless and indifferent
Aware (of)
Very holy
Natural or characteristic of; native to
Someone who lives a simple life ex. Monks
Extraordinary in a negative way
Sharply sarcastic or scathingly critical
To weaken or reduce in force
Teller of fanciful stories
Lost in thought; Preoccupied
Dull, as a routine
To Overflow
Established fundamental belief
Of the most ordinary kind; commonplace
Appearing to be true, in reality false
Present everywhere at once
Pleasing in appearance
Unable or unwilling to do anything useful
Clear and transparent; unworried
Secure; Impenetrable
Full of contempt and arrogence

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