2010's Boy Name Comebacks

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Can you name the 10 'old-fashioned' boy names that Parenting Magazine says are making a comeback?

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From 145 to 47 - Up 98Who's the meany who said this name hasn't got a prayer?
From 235 to 65 - Up 170Don't make book against him, because this name's comin'. (Hide your heart, girl.)
From 126 to 67 - Up 59Is it finally time for a ninth?
From 305 to 88 - Up 217Now there's a twist.
From 164 to 98 - Up 66Isn't that a little extreme?
From 390 to 193 - Up 197What if the name's a sign. What if they think he's ... prevaricatin'.
From 602 to 222 - Up 380Bring back Barnabas too! Why shoul Paul get all the attention?
From 449 to 244 - Up 205Definitely a name for the Bucket list.
From 592 to 286 - Up 306What if the leader of the Argonauts turned out to be a friendly ghost?
From 585 to 287 - Up 298Look at this name climb! Why? Because it's there!

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