FWA/XWA British Heavyweight Champions

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First champion, defeated Paul Glory in tournament final11th July 1999 - 27th February 2000
 27th February 2000 - 5th July 2000
Vacater title 8 days later5th July 2000 - 13th July 2000
Won vacated title, defeating Scottie Rock, Guy Thunder & Jorge Castano in a four-way match. Stripped for missing title defence5th August 2000 - 21st April 2001
Won vacated title, defeating Scott Parker in a tournament final19th May 2001 - 22nd March 2002
 22nd March 2002 - 28th July 2002
Stripped of title 6 days after victory28th July 2002 - 3rd August 2002
Won vacated title, defeating Flash Barker in a ladder match13th October 2002 - 25th October 2002
First and only non-English champion25th October 2002 - 22nd March 2003
First champion to win belt overseas, longest reign in title's history22nd March 2003 - 13th November 2004
 13th November 2004 - 5th February 2006
Defeated previous champion, Joe Legend, Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm in The Chamion's Series 5-way match5th February 2006 - 15th July 2006
Last champion of the FWA, first champion of the XWA15th July 2006 - 7th April 2007
 7th April 2007 - 5th July 2008
Defeated previous champion, Sam Slam and Johnny Phere in a Final Four match5th July 2008 - 6th September 2008
 6th September 2008 - 12th September 2009
Became XWA's first double champion, holding both the Heavyweight and Flyweight titles12th September 2009 - present

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