Women of Middle-earth

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Can you name the women from Tolkien's Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings?

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Led the Haladin to Brethil
Unknowingly married her brother
Wife of Elrond
First death in Valinor
Dior's wife
Set fire to Brodda's hall
Used cats as spies in Gondor
Wise, red-headed sculptor
Keeper of Nenya
Killed the witch-king
Mother of Aragorn
Had queenship usurped by incestuous cousin
Wise-woman of the House of Bëor who loved Aegnor
Finwë's second wife
Called Faelivrin by Gwindor
Lady of Dor-lómin, feared by the Easterlings
Built secret way out of Gondolin
Creator of the stars
Befriended Túrin in Doriath
First Ruling Queen of Númenor
Created the Two Trees of Valinor
Weeps for the suffering of Arda
Dwelt in Cirith Ungol
The river-woman's daughter
Samwise's oldest daughter
Protected Doriath with her magic
Had an unhappy marriage to Aldarion
Disappeared crossing the Ered Nimrais
Helped capture a silmaril
Had thirteen hobbit children
Learned the language of birds
Loved by Finrod
Poisoned the Two Trees
Oldest sister of Túrin
Guides the Sun's vessel
Worked in the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith
Stole Bilbo's spoons
Gave her spot on the ship to Valinor to Frodo
Lay down and died at the Haudh-en-Ndengin
Sauron's vampiric messenger
Shielded her son from a poisoned javelin
Lady of the sea

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