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Scientific NameSpeciesDistribution
Alopex lagopusArctic
Atelocynus microtisAmazon Region
Canis adustusCentral and Southern Africa
Canis aureusNorth Africa, Middle East, India, up to Central Europe
Canis latransNorth America
Canis lupusNorthern Hemisphere
Canis lupus dingo*Australia, New Guinea, and Southeast Asia
Canis lupus familiaris*Worldwide
Canis mesomelasEastern and Southern Africa
Canis rufusSoutheastern United States
Canis simensisEthiopia
Cerdocyon thousSouth America
Chrysocyon brachyurusSouth America
Cuon alpinusAsia
Dusicyon australis (ex)Falkland Islands
Lycaon pictusAfrica
Nyctereutes procyonoidesEast Asia
Otocyon megalotisEastern and Southern Africa
Pseudalopex culpaeusSouth America
Scientific NameSpeciesDistribution
Pseudalopex fulvipesChile
Pseudalopex griseusArgentina and Chile
Pseudalopex gymnocercusSouth America
Pseudalopex sechuraeEcuador and Peru
Pseudalopex vetulusBrazil
Speothos venaticusSouth America
Urocyon cinereoargenteusNorth and South America
Urocyon littoralisCalifornia Channel Islands
Vulpes bengalensisIndian Subcontinent
Vulpes canaMiddle East
Vulpes chamaSouthern Africa
Vulpes corsacCentral Asia
Vulpes ferrilataTibetan Plateau
Vulpes macrotisWestern North America
Vulpes pallidaNorth-central Africa
Vulpes rueppelliiNorth Africa and Middle East
Vulpes veloxCentral United States and Canada
Vulpes vulpesNorthern Hemisphere
Vulpes zerdaNorth Africa

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