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What is Harry's worst habit?
True or false, Zayn's a good swimmer
Harry's birthday
'Stop having ______ ______!!!!!!!'
Zayn's birthday
'Vas ________?'
What was the title of their third single?
Niall and Liam's middle name
What place did they come in?
How many siblings does Louis have?
What is Liam afraid of?
'Get out of my _______!!!!!!!!!!'
How many songs are on their debut album?
Louis' last name
'Im quite handy with the ________'
What is Louis' favorite after shave?
'I like girls who eat _____.'
'When ________ take over!!!!!!!'
What two shirts do Louis, Harry and Liam share?
What show were they formed on?
Nialls birthday
Liam's last name
Who chose the name One Direction?
I've brought them dow to the gym, no not ______ hes a different guy.'
Where is Louis from?
'NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jimmy _______'
Louis' birthday
Where is Liam from?
Louis is 'da ______ masta from Doncasta'
Zayn's last name
Who was their mentor?
Where is Harry from?
'Why did the mushroom go to the party?'
'I can play the ______'
Liam's birthday
What is the title of their second book?
Harry's last name
What is Zayn's middle name?
Niall's last name
What is the color of Zayn's onesie?
What does Liam call Harry?
Where is Zayn from?
What was Niall's imaginary friends name?
Where is Niall from?

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