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Where is Louis from?
Louis' birthday
'NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jimmy _______'
What show were they formed on?
What is Louis' favorite after shave?
'Im quite handy with the ________'
Niall's last name
Where is Zayn from?
I've brought them dow to the gym, no not ______ hes a different guy.'
What is Liam afraid of?
Zayn's birthday
What does Liam call Harry?
What two shirts do Louis, Harry and Liam share?
Where is Liam from?
'Stop having ______ ______!!!!!!!'
What is the color of Zayn's onesie?
Niall and Liam's middle name
'When ________ take over!!!!!!!'
What is the title of their second book?
Louis is 'da ______ masta from Doncasta'
What is Harry's worst habit?
What place did they come in?
Who was their mentor?
Louis' last name
Harry's birthday
'Vas ________?'
Who chose the name One Direction?
Liam's last name
What was Niall's imaginary friends name?
Harry's last name
Where is Niall from?
'Get out of my _______!!!!!!!!!!'
Where is Harry from?
Liam's birthday
'Why did the mushroom go to the party?'
What is Zayn's middle name?
'I can play the ______'
'I like girls who eat _____.'
What was the title of their third single?
Zayn's last name
How many songs are on their debut album?
How many siblings does Louis have?
True or false, Zayn's a good swimmer
Nialls birthday

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