Strokes and associated vessels

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Can you name the Strokes and associated vessels?

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clinical finding vessel ( write abbreviation) other possible findings
tongue weaknesscontra hemiparesis, contra DC
alexiacontra hemiparesis, eye fixed out and up, cortical blindness
ipsi ataxia, ipsi deafness, contra pain/temp, tremor of ipsi upper extremity, ipsi horners
cannot abduct eyes ( and other findings! ) locked in, quadripalegia
vertigo, ipsi ataxia, contra pain/ temp, dysmetria, dysarthriawallenberg syndrome
contra hemiplegia, contra loss pain temp ( no other findings)
CN 5,7, 8 affected contra pain temp, ipsi face weakness, vertigo, ipsi deafness, ataxia
thalamic pain
hemiparesis FACE/ arm/legcomes off of MCA
clinical finding vessel ( write abbreviation) other possible findings
hemineglect/ aphasia, homonymous hemianopsia, hemisensory/paresis face arm trunk ( NOT LEG)
cant initiate movement, but strength/ coordination nl frontal ataxia aka Burns ataxia comes off of ACA
leg weakness, mood dysregulation also urinary incontinence, mood dysregulation
in the medulla, is the descending sympathetic chain medial or lateral
which vessel is associated with CN 7
which two vessels have ipsi horners findings ( write and in between)
which vessel affects CN 9,10, 11
which three vessels will be associated with ataxia (write 'and' in between- order rostral-caudal))

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