pokemon alphabetical (gen 1-5)

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Can you name the pokemon alphabetical (gen 1-5)?

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ais dragon type (3)
bresembles a plant, but is not grass type (1)
cfirst generation (9)
dstarts with do (3)
ehas at least four vowels (9)
fsecond stage of evolution stage (9)
glegendary (3)
hevolution of a different generation pokemon (1)
ifire/fighting (1)
jin pokepark wii (3)
ksells items in mystery dungeon (1)
lin super smash bros series (1)
mshadow pokemon in pokemon colosseum (7)
nowl pokemon (1)
ofossil pokemon (2)
piconic pokemon (1)
qsecond generation (3)
rpossesses machinery (1)
ssnake pokemon (4)
tpig pokemon (1)
upart of a trio (1)
vhas more than one tail (2)
whas different forms (1)
xonly one starting with x(1)
ydragonfly (2)
zelectric (2)

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