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What is the hand of cards called that Wild Bill died with?
A deep ravine or gully
A calf without its mother
Offensive term for white men
Rear of a cattle drive
Cow Juice
Another name for the 4th of July
Hide from cattle that was untreated
A hallucinatory drug
wild hogs that are extremely dangerous when cornered
Area of town where prostitutes lived and did their business. Also the name of Ludacris's album.
Strong, large and sturdy golden colored horse of Spanish-American descent.
a party
heavily armed and looking for trouble
Most popular casino game in the west
a man totally lacking in firsthand knowledge or experience in the West
term used for a stagecoach driver
a gun, usually a pistol, creates all men equal
Ex-slaves who settled in Oklahoma and Kansas after the Civil War
testicles of a fried bull for eating. AKA mountain oysters

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