Roman Slavery Part II

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Apart from a monthly allowance of wheat, what else could slaves eat?name one
Name anothername one
Name anothername one
This item of clothing was given to a slave annually
The most common punishment for petty misconduct
A slave's propertysame name as the property of a son
the slave of a slave
This was branded on a runaway's head, and it stood for this
Public slaves could dispose of this much of their property in a will
A lash with metal or bone buttons attached for more serious punishments
HintAnswerExtra info
One who carries out punishments'executioner'
These items of clothing were given to a slave every two years
A forked log used to fasten a slave's arms and shoulders
Who gives us information about a slave's diet?
ultimate penalty for a city slave
What was the fate that awaited the slaves of Spartacus's slave rebellion?
The formal act of manumission often took place before this magistrate
A newly freed man wore this
A freedman was called

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