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There are bloodsuckers/ Set in Maine like all his work/ Not that well received
Scooby-Dooby-Doo/ Tries to escape Mr Grey/ Hiding in his mind
This car comes alive/ What more is there to say here/ It's a bit evil
Seems like he can't spell/ Danger of living near road/ Sometimes they come back
Can't remember this/ The dog's cataracts get well/ At least I think so
Red Rum Red Rum Red/ Rum Red Rum Red Rum Red Rum/ Red Rum Red Rum yeah?
Can you smell circus?/ The turtle can't save you now/ Down here we all float
Mother Abigail/ Good versus evil again/ Well there's like some plague
Another writer/ Opposite of happiness/ What more do you need?
This guy has two halves/ One of them is fairly light/ The other one's dark
This guy touches things/ Catches a glimpse of future/ Averagely named
Woman chained to bed/ Don't be playing sex games kids/ No fun for this guy
Based on Bradbury/ Getting what you want for free/ But pay with your soul
Telekinesis/ This troubled girl has got it/ Covered in pig's blood
A poor white woman/ Did she kill her employer/ Do you really care?

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