Fake Egyptian Gods

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Can you name the made up Egyptians gods and the real Egyptian gods from the list below?

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Egyptian God (?)Real or Fake?Egyptian God (?) of What?
RaSun God
MaahesGod of War
GebGod of the Earth
SamsonGod of the Stars
MenesFather God of the Young
OsirisGod of the Dead
SobekGod of the Nile
DjoserGod of the Sun
SahureGod of the Earth
NedjemibreGod of Chariots
Egyptian God (?)Real or Fake?Egyptian God (?) of What?
BastProtection Goddess
AtumCreator God
NeferGod of Horses
HathorMother Goddess of Joy
SetnakhtCreative God of Science
MenkauraGoddess of Music
NutGoddess of the Sky
KhufuGod of Numbers
ThothGod of Writing and Knowledge
BatFertility Goddess of the Cosmos

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