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Character ActorEpisodes
Luke SkywalkerEpisodes IV to VI
Darth Vader (Voice)Episodes IV to VI
Anakin Skywalker Episode I
Anakin SkywalkerEpisodes II and III
Count DookuEpisodes II and III
ChewbaccaEpisodes III to VI
Darth SidiousEpisodes I to III and V to VI
General GrievousEpisode III
Lando CalrissianEpisodes V and VI
Obi-Wan Kenobi Episodes I to III
Obi-Wan Kenobi Episodes IV to VI
Padmé AmidalaEpisodes I to III
Qui-Gon JinnEpisode I
Character ActorEpisodes
R2-D2Episodes I to VI
YodaEpisodes I to III and V to VI
C-3P0 (Voice)Episodes I to VI
Boba FettEpisode II
Boba FettEpisode IV
Boba Fett Episodes V and VI
Jabba the Hutt Episodes I and IV
Jabba the Hut Episode VI
Jango FettEpisode II
Jar Jar BinksEpisodes I to III
Mace WinduEpisodes I to III
Han SoloEpisodes IV to VI
Princess LeiaEpisodes IV to VI

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