Horcruxes: How Much Do You Know??

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Can you name the facts about each horcrux respectively??

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What You Should KnowAnswer
The first horcrux to be found/destroyed.
Who gave this horcrux to Ginny Weasley?
Where did Ginny Weasley try to throw this horcrux away?
Where was this horcrux when it was destroyed?
Who destroyed the horcrux?
And what did he/she use to destroy the horcrux?
Moving on to horcrux #2. What was it?
Where was this horcrux found?
Who was the person to destroy this horcrux?
The curse on this horcrux caused which part of his/her body to shrivel and turn black?
Who saved this person's life ultimately, by curing the curse (temporarily)?
What did we discover this horcrux actually was in Book 7?
Now, horcrux #3. What was it?
Where did Albus Dumbledore believe this horcrux to be?
Where was it actually, before it was stolen by Mundungus Fletcher?
Who was the last person to wear this horcrux, before Harry, Ron, and Hermione?
Who, eventually destroyed this horcrux?
And what did he/she use to destroy it?
You know the drill: What was horcurx #4?
What You Should KnowAnswer
Who helped Harry, Ron and Hermione to find this horcrux?
In which famous wizarding place was this horcrux found?
More specifically, of whose possession was this horcrux in?
Who destroys this horcrux?
And what do they use to destroy it?
Horcrux #5. What was it?
Where was this hidden before it was even a horcrux?
Who helped Tom Riddle to find it, therefore turning it into a horcrux?
Where did Harry find this horcrux?
Who cast the spell which lead to the destruction of the horcrux?
What was this Dark Magic?
Horcrux #6, what was it?
Who 'destroyed' this horcrux?
What curse was used for the destruction of this horcrux?
Where did this horcrux actually (think he) went?
Who confirmed this horcrux was destroyed, even though it really wasn't?
Last but not least, Horcrux #7. What was it?
Who eventually destroyed this horcrux?
And what did he/she use to destroy it?

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