Harry Potter Characters: Name Hints

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Can you name the Harry Potter characters by these helpful first-name clues?

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Hint (for first name)Character
-Truman, -Houdini, -Shearer
-Harvey Oswold, -Van Cleef, -Majors
-Montana, -Taylor-Gordon, - Chaplin
-Perry, -Price, -Holmes
-Aurelius, -Brody, -Burnett
-Earhart, Saint--, -Bloomer
-Pratchett, -Fox, -Bradshaw
-Sinatra, -Lloyd Wright, -The Entertainer
-J Blige, -Kate Olsen, -Tyler Moore
-Jackson, -Buble, -Kors
Hint (for first name)Character
-Quaid, -Kirk, -Brown
-Federer, -Rabbit, -Moore
-Horowitz, -Hopkins, -Soprano, Mark--
-Jolie, -Ballerina, ____County, Texas
'Bert and ______', -Davis,
-Roosevelt, -Alexander, -Bikel
'Come on _____', -Brennan, -Desmond
-Cruise, '_____ and Jerry', -Brady
-Keys, -Silverstone, -Moore (or Pink)
-Twist, Jamie-, -Stone

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