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Complete the title: Finding ____
What is the name of the main grasshopper in a Bug's Life?
What country is Ratatouille set in?
Who is the voice of Lightning McQueen?
What does the W stand for in WALL-E?
What is the name of the evil toy-destroying kid in Toy Story?
Who is the leader of Muntz's pack of dogs in Up?
What is the name of the villain who emerges at the end of the Incredibles?
Monstropolis is populated entirely by what?
Who is Buzz Lightyear's father?
What is the alternate identity of Mr Incredible?
What does Dory suffer from?
Who is the CEO of Buy n Large corporation?
What car in Cars is a Fiat 500?
What animal do the ants create in a Bug's Life to scare away the grasshoppers?
In Monsters Inc, where was the Abominable Snowman banished to?
What is the name of the pizza place in Toy Story?
Who directed Toy Story 3?
What type of shark is Bruce?
What is the name of the directive that Auto was given that concerned the Axiom's return to Earth?

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