Jasper vs. THE PRESS

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Can you name the quotes of jasper woodcock and THE PRESS?

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'You're walking...' 
'Who cares...go run a lap' 
'Of course I have a father, Im not Jesus' 
'You've reached your question quota for the day' 
'You're still walking...' 
'Sssss...Set of ten!' 
'You must like getting spanked. I guess it runs in the family.' 
'This kid is thriving under my tutelage' 
'I dont tolerate losers in my gymnasium' 
'Effective Teaching!' 
'One word...RAPPORT!' 
'Take wheezy with you' 
'Rhetorical Farley' 
'Personality conflict huh?' 
'You couldn't kill me if you had a shotgun and a head start' 
'Go take a bath. You don't want to smell like nut sack do you?' 
'Don't mess with PRESS!!!' 

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