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HintThings that are Red
Ingredient of a Jager Bomb
Red, Red _____, Stay close to me, don't let me be alone...
Sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees
An economy hotel chain in the United States
'Silence of the Lambs' prequel
They play in 'Hockeytown, USA'
Form of hospitality usually for VIP or celebrities
Seafood restaurant chain
Fictional Character named after her apparel
Moses crossed this sucker by foot
HintThings that are Red
Originally called 'Red Stockings'
American Colonists also called these men 'Bloody Backs' and 'Lobsters'
Texas Tech
Derogatory term for a native american
Some call it MurdeR
An international humanitarian movement
A major tributary of the Mississippi River located in the USA
Part of a neighborhood where business' connected to the sex industry exist
'The Galloping Ghost' (football player)

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