Famous Middle Initials

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Can you name the first letter in the middle names of the following people?

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NameMiddle InitialMiddle Name
Susan _ Anthony
George __ Bush I
Thomas _ Edison
Robert _ Warren
Michael _ Jordan
Harry _ Truman
Mohandas _ Gandhi
Rutherford _ Hayes
Jesus _ Christ
Homer _ Simpson
Booker _ Washington
Warren _ Harding
Samuel _ Jackson
Carrie _ Moss
Emily _ Dickinson
NameMiddle InitialMiddle Name
Jonathan _ Redick
Dwight _ Schrute
Frank _ Zappa
Jennifer _ Hewitt
Wolfgang _ Mozart
Fiona _ Maggart
Madeline _ Albright
Robert _ Zimmerman
Lee _ Oswald
Mark _ Chapman
John _ Booth
Robert _ Kennedy
Billy _ Armstrong
James 'Jimmy' _ Buffett
William 'Bill' _ O'Reilly

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