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How long the tapestry been in the family
Wife of Lucius Malfoy
The spell used to keep the portrait of Mrs. Black on the wall
Murderer/Notable Death Eater/Azkaban escapee
Address of the Black family home
The book Sirius uses to smash the silver 'tweezers'
Harry Potter's Godfather
Words above the motto on the Black's tapestry
Tried to make muggle hunting legal
The former Hogwarts headmaster
The Black family motto (French)
Death Eater, stole Slytherin's Locket from its hiding place
Who/What kills R.A.B?
Though related to the Blacks, this family does not appear on the tapestry as they are 'blood traitors'
Started house-elf beheading tradition
Disowned for marrying a muggle, Ted Tonks
Left Sirius money
'Mother didn't have a _______, she kept herself alive out of pure spite' - referring to Mrs. Black
The Metamorphmagus member
Black family house elf
It shoots heavy bolts at passersby
It bites Sirius' hand (contains wartcap powder)
The color of the strangling robes

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