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Combined plot of booksCombined book titleAuthors Initials
Vietnam vet recalls his memories of the onset of colonialism with the Igbo tribe in present day Nigeria.C.A. & T.O.
An Air Force bombardier flees his station at Pianosa to galavant around New York City on his own and battle the phonies.J.H. & J.S.
An orphan recieves an anonymous patronage to learn to be a gentleman in Long Island, where he experiences the roaring 20's and discoveres the conflicts between new and old money.C.D. & F.F.
Believing her brother is dead, a women dresses as a man and sets out to read a novel, but keeps getting the wrong book and embarking on accidental journies.W.S. & I.C.
A boarding school boy resents his best friend until he causes a tragic accident during the French invasion of Russia in the Napoleonic Wars.L.T. & J.K.
An older gentlman intends to marry a much younger woman who works at his store, resulting a seemingly random murder of a family in an isolated farm house.O.B. & T.C.
Melodramatic teenager reluctantly goes to stay with her divorced father, who is struggling to keep his Native American tribe alive as men try to conquer the west.N.S. & J.F.C.
A man struggles with his best friend's alcoholism as he tries to find his mother, who he eventually realizes has been posing as a statue.W.S. & J.S.
A woman with a comet shaped birthmark who is reincarned from a sailor, a detective, and a literary critic struggles to keep her grandfather's railroad alive in a dystopian world.A.R. & D.M.
Chronicles a women's descent into mental illness while in a republican guriella unit during the Spanish Civil War.E.H. & S.P.

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