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Text from Last NightCharacterState of Area Code
(805): i deserve a damn metal, you try and find another person who kept a secret like that for 80 yearsCalifornia
(303): wtf i lost the diamond and the woman?! **** b*tches, get moneyPennsylvania
(303): stop getting on my case for the money in the oven, you're just jealous that they call me 'unsinkable'Colorado
(805): apparently my grandma was a hot tamale. speaking of which, i kinda wanna get with this sea explorer...California
(608): just hit that in a renault. check that off my places to get some before i die.Wisconsin
(215): i don't care if it was 'technically' cheating, he tried to knock a table onto me yesterday. i get a free pass.Pennsylvania
(151): it's not my fault i got off my boat, they told me it was unsinkable! if you don't shut up i'll own you tooLiverpool
(212): so i know i should be pissed that i spent three years searching for a rock that some old lady's been hiding in her dresser...but it kinda taught me about lifeNew York
(353): they should've listened to me, bet they didn't care about the extra deck space when they were DROWNINGIreland
(+39): damn, i'll never see the statue of liberty now. bastaridos.Italy

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