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What the study is aboutResearcher's Name(s)
bottom-up profiling
interrogation techniques
moral development
minority influence
poverty and disadvantaged neighbourhoods
criminal thinking patterns
anger management
majority influence
attractiveness of defendant
depression/suicide risks in prisons
factors influencing accurate identification
top-down typology
planned behaviours once freed from jail
effect of shields and videotape of children giving evidence
ear accupuncture for drug rehabilitation
What the study is aboutResearcher's Name(s)
recognising and recreating faces
stages and influences on decision making
learning from others
restorative justice
detecting lies
cognitive skills programmes
'looking deathworthy'
the prison situation and roles
disrupted families
case study
witness confidence
cognitive interview
false confessions
social cognition and attribution of blame
effect of order of testimony
genes and serotonin
brain dysfunction
effect of evidence being ruled inadmissable

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